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Bee Busters Keeps Orange County Safe From Pest Bee Infestation

Bee Busters is an Orange County-based bee removal and extermination service that has been helping customers rid their homes and businesses of pest bees and wasps for over 30 years. Bee Busters specializes in bee hive removal and has been serving Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills since 1985.

One of Bee Busters’ most successful removal projects was a bee hive in a Laguna Hills apartment complex. The hive had been growing for months, and the bees were becoming increasingly aggressive. Bee Busters was called in to assess the situation and quickly developed a plan to safely remove the hive without harming the bees or disturbing the residents of the complex.

After careful planning and preparation, the Bee Busters team was able to safely extract the hive in one piece. The bees were relocated to an area away from the complex, and the bee hive was taken to a local beekeeper for a safe relocation and study. With the hive removed, the residents of the complex were able to enjoy their outdoor space without fear of bee stings.

Bee Busters’ removal services are not only safe for people but also for the bees, as the team strives to relocate bees rather than exterminate them. Bee Busters has saved countless hives over the years, and they continue to provide safe and effective removal services throughout Orange County.

By offering quality services and humane bee removal, Bee Busters has become a leader in the industry and a trusted name for customers in need of pest bee removal. If you’re dealing with a bee hive problem, contact Bee Busters today for fast, reliable service.

Learn why bee removal in Orange County is different.

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