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Sizzling Service: Chill out with Temperature Control, Inc.

Now, residents of sunny Tucson, AZ, listen up! You know that feeling when the relentless fiery sun blares overhead, and the pools look like jacuzzis? Now, imagine returning home and Boom! You stepped right into your personal Arctic hideaway. That, my fellow desert-dwellers, is what it feels like when Temperature Control, Inc. has their exceptional HVAC wizards work their magic on your home.

And this isn’t just another fairy-tale in the sweltering desert. We’ve got the most nimble-fingered elves in the business, able to knob-twiddle and cable-tangle with the best of them, offering you top-notch Electrical and Plumbing service, repairs and installations too!

It’s no wonder Tucson’s inhabitants saddle up their camels and make the pilgrimage to Temperature Control, Inc for all the cool, calm conditions they need. Whether it’s battling temperamental boilers, standoffish stoves or uppity underfloor heating – no task is too hot to handle for us.

Going above and beyond to service and repair equipment is just what we do. After all, “In temp we trust” is more than just a catchy tagline. It’s a way of life! Temperature Control, Inc – keeping you cool when Arizona decides to crank up the heat.

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