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Debunking Myths About Air Conditioning Replacement and Services

Air conditioning units are the lifeblood of a comfy home in the warmer months. Yet, as homeowners, we often come across several myths and misconceptions about our beloved A/C units. Today, we’re addressing these myths head on, courtesy of Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning.

Myth 1: Replacement is the Only Solution for a Malfunctioning A/C

One common myth that circulates regularly is that a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner needs an immediate replacement. In reality, many issues can be solved with a simple fix or service. The experienced technicians at Lambert Heating & A/C Inc can typically pinpoint and solve the problem, saving you potentially high replacement costs.

Myth 2: DIY Service can Save Money

The Do-It-Yourself approach might work in some cases, but typically not with HVAC systems. What appears to be a quick fix could quickly spiral into a more complicated (and costly) problem. It is essential to call professionals like Lambert A/C Service who are skilled and trained in handling such intricate systems.

Myth 3: The Bigger the A/C Unit, the Better

Size matters in air conditioning but perhaps not in the way you think. A bigger unit doesn’t necessarily mean better performance or efficiency. It’s more about the correct size according to your space.

Myth 4: It’s okay to Skip A/C Services

Some believe that if your air conditioning system seems to be working fine, you can skip regular service. This could not be further from the truth. Regular check-ups and services help maintain your unit’s efficiency and can help catch potential issues before they turn into expensive repairs or replacements.

Knowledge is power, so now you know that these common myths about air conditioning are merely that – myths. If you find yourself needing A/C Service or perhaps even an Air Conditioner replacement, you know who to call. Contact our friendly team at Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning – experts in making your life a little cooler.

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