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Is Your Air Conditioner Acting Cooler Than You? It’s Time for Family Heating & Air!

Balmy beach days, melting ice-cream and crisp linen sheets. Summer in Pensacola, you are an absolute delight, unless you’re coming home to an AC turned pressure cooker. Yes, we’re talking about that dreaded moment when your trusted air conditioner decides to take an ‘off’ day in the middle of July. How about the joy of finally snuggling into your cosy winter blanket only to discover your furnace thinks it’s still summer! But never fear, when Family Heating & Air is near.

Now Serving: Ferry Pass, Brent, West Pensacola, Ensley and Biloxi, MS

Ever tried to bribe your AC into functioning with promises of a long, cool drink or maybe even a vacation to Alaska? We’ve seen it all before! From ‘do-it-yourself’ repairs that involve excessive duct tape and a hairdryer to the old ‘whack-it-until-it-works’ approach, folks here believe in using their creative prowess to fix their AC. While we admire the sentiment, might we suggest an easier route? Say hello to professional AC Service and Repair.

Jump into the comfort zone with the stellar AC replacement & air conditioner installation team from Family Heating & Air. Your AC woes are now tales of the past, and that too, without selling your soul to the AC gods!

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